About Us

Established in 2012, PandaCo has travelled all across Australia and New Zealand with the goal of spreading unique and fun filled sweet treats to all.

With a strong sense of imagination and creativity, we strongly strive to use delectable sweets to gather those near and far. At PandaCo, we live for perfection, and creations that can be shared with all.

Whether you are vegan, suffering from nut or egg allergies, diabetic or gluten free, we have desserts to meet all your needs. With the mobility freedom of a mobile vendor, we bake fresh to order every day. As perfectionists, all our desserts and cakes are fresh, moist, light and with varying sweetness. Our products are fit for everyone ranging from ‘Sweet Tooth’ addicts to those who are ‘not the biggest fan of sweets’.

We have also placed our mark in the wedding industry, offering services ranging from personalised styling, set ups, catering, floral arrangements and more. Our team will work to bring your dreams to life and will strive for nothing less.